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Why your business should care about Google+

Recently I met with a prospective new client and whilst going through the ins and outs of our social media marketing offering, they asked ‘What is Google+?’As someone who works with Google+ (G+) on a daily basis this question blindsided me, serving as a potent reminder that even after two-years of using it in a personal capacity, the social network is not as widely recognised as I had come to believe. Although I answered the question there and then I have since spent time really thinking about what Google+ is, and subsequently why your business should care about it.

So what is Google+? In a nutshell, it is a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter with a spattering of other social platforms worked in for good measure. It’s timeline and newsfeed follows the traditional grid layout seen on Facebook, updates integrate hashtags effectively like Twitter and uploaded media is organised into well-designed galleries, à la Flickr. This article originally appeared on HarveyDavid.com, continue reading here.