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It’s Called SOCIAL Media for a Reason

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘to socialise (with someone)’ as ‘to meet and spend time with people in a friendly way, in order to enjoy yourself’.

With this in mind, it seems that a lot of people and particularly businesses have forgotten what lies at the heart of social media. Those who understand social media call it ‘engagement’ or something equally as corporate (I myself am guilty of this) but in the regular world it’s called ‘socialising’.

Too many businesses use social media as an outbound broadcast channel only, tweeting or posting messages solely about how amazing their latest product is and neglecting the desire for human interaction that drove many of us to originally sign up to platforms like MySpace and Facebook many years ago.

At this point I should highlight that broadcast messaging via social media is not a bad thing by any means. In moderation it can be very effective but only as part of a wider social strategy, one that should always include socialising with followers, advocates and influencers.

This article originally appeared on HarveyDavid.com, continue reading here.