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Good Content Gives Your Social Media Wings

As a digital marketer I’m often asked what businesses and individuals can do to help ensure an effective social media presence. Whilst there are several answers, there is one that I give every time:

‘Good content.’

It’s important to remember that social media exists to share information and connect with other people, whether for business purposes or personal use. After all, it’s these reasons why many of us signed-up to platforms like MySpace and Bebo all those years ago and why we continue to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter etc. today.

To create the information we share via social media we need content to derive it from. Nearly every business already has content in one form or another, whether it’s a new blog post or existing website copy. However, in a modern world where humans have a notoriously short-attention span (in particular on social media with studies showing an average of 8 seconds in 2015[1]) you need good content to stand out from the competition. This article originally appeared on HarveyDavid.com, continue reading here.


[1] Microsoft, 2015